Is Online Marketing Right for My Business in 2021?

Spoiler alert: the answer to whether online marketing is right for your business is a resounding YES. The more important question is why? Online marketing doesn't come naturally to certain businesses, particularly small and long-established ones. But while there was a time when you'd only find the biggest brands on [...]

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New Security Changes for iOS, and What They Mean for Google Ads

You may have seen or heard about it, particularly if you’re the proud owner of an iPhone. According to Apple, their latest software update – iOS14.5 – offers users new levels of security, privacy and control. Before now Apple devices would allow third parties to track what the company calls [...]

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Market Validation: Knowing Whether to Pivot or Change Without Breaking the Bank

You see big companies do it all the time, particularly in the tech sphere. They continue to evolve, testing new products and new markets, attempting to spread their tentacles far and wide with new and exciting ideas. In today’s fast-changing marketplace, constantly churning out and acting on business ideas is [...]

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Content Marketing: How SEO Should Influence Your Website Build

As the modern storefront of your organisation, designing a website is an exciting prospect. But before you run away with thoughts of slick graphic design and flashy toys, a solid foundation must first be built – one that ensures Google will enjoy your new site as much as your visitors [...]

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How to Optimise Your Website for SEO in Christchurch

Search engine optimisation: everyone knows they need it, but few truly understand it. That’s just how Google and other search engines like it; they keep the rules of the game – the algorithm – closely guarded, so that no one can cheat the system. This makes the process of gaining [...]

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Manual bidding on LinkedIn: Is it the best strategy?

You may have noticed a few changes within LinkedIn Campaign Manager recently. A new bidding strategy has been made available, and it’s one that grants you greater control over your campaigns than ever before. Welcome to manual bidding on LinkedIn. Manual bidding brings some of the functionality of Google Ads [...]

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Digital Marketing Trends: Five Game-Changers in 2021

While it’s an industry known for rapid shifts, not even the wisest of prophets could have guessed just how much digital marketing would change over the last 12 months. 2020 was tough and torrid year, but also an incredibly exciting one, as clever people continue to solve challenging problems. Today [...]

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7 Questions to Separate the Best Digital Marketing Agencies from the Rest

Selecting a professional service provider is always a catch 22. A lack of knowledge means you need help. This lack of knowledge also means you’re not sure who is best placed to provide it. Digital marketing is a prime example. Every organisation needs it, but few understand it, and [...]

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Ecommerce traffic: How our client doubled their growth…

One of our clients was looking to double their eCommerce traffic and this is the story. The owners of one of New Zealand’s leading interior designers, serving both residential and commercial property, had a vision to expand their business geographically. To ensure that the business fulfilled its potential, Stratigence [...]

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