Is Google Advertising right for you?

We offer a variety of Google Advertising packages to suit small, medium and large businesses. Although Google Advertising is one of the many digital platforms, we believe it is one of the most valuable channels that businesses should consider.

Finding the right fit for your business

There are a wide variety of ways in which you can reach your buyers through Google Advertising.
Here are some of the tools that our companies get particular benefit from.

Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads will be a familiar tool for most businesses and many we work with will have already dabbled with some form of Google advertising while others are looking for a new way to generate business. The trick to success is ensuring what you spend generates a tangible return for your business and there are a number of factors that can influence this. Knowing the keywords to target, the markets to advertise in, how to optimise your bid rate depending on the device, time of day and top of page results are all contributing factors to a successful campaign.

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Google Advertising

Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing is a way to be visible to prospective buyers that have visited your website. There are many different ways to implement these campaigns through Google AdWords, whether it is via youtube, the display network or another channel altogether. It is a great way to grow confidence in your brand for a relatively low investment. Some companies start as low as $5 per day while others with a high volume of website traffic and a high number of products or services on offer could spend in excess of $1,000 per day.

Google Display Advertising

Display ads are simply an Ad with images and content which can have movement (e.g. GIF or Responsive Ad) or be static. What differentiates this from AdWords and YouTube is that unless you control where your Ad is visible it could turn up on any website that allows Google Advertising. So some finetune targeting is absolutely critical to ensure you get your bang for the buck when investing in this channel.

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Google Advertising

Skippable Video Advertising

Google has a number of flexible options when it comes to youtube skippable ads and the options are changing on a regular basis as Google enhances the platform. In many instances, a good starting point would be a remarketing campaign, so that people that have visited your website and then head into youtube will see your video pop up. If you have a high volume of visitors to your website we can look at utilising different videos with different messages for different segments of your prospective customer groups. For example, if one customer group had visited your website more than once, spent more than 20 secs on your website, were from Australia and had viewed one of your products or services in each instance, we would recommend a video that was focused on this particular product or service with some tangible benefits and had a stronger call to action than what you may normally use.

Google Topic Marketing

Topic marketing is a way of advertising your business on websites that support google advertising. With our custom-developed lists, it will ensure your adverts are displayed on websites that we set and only for topics that are relevant to your business. An example of this would be, if you were selling software for the construction sector, you could optimise your campaign to only show display ads on and relevant industry websites on specific pages that are about the construction sector. Alternatively, if you are in the business of selling flowers, you could select the websites you are willing to show up on that are selling gifts or flower related topics that were of interest to your potential buyers. Visual ads especially dynamic Ads with movement can be very powerful in generating awareness and building confidence in your brand and can be achieved for a minimal cost with the right campaign.

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Google Advertising

How does a Google AdWords Package work?

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