When should social media be considered as part of a plan?

Where social media was once seen as a bit of a digital marketing gimmick – something that you threw a few dollars at just to see what happened – it has grown into a major element of many digital marketing strategies.

Social media marketing can provide a powerful tool to reach your target audience, and when done right, it can see you reaching thousands of the most relevant eyes in a very cost-effective way. The social media outlets a company may choose comes down to how engaged your prospective buyers are with that channel and some of the more popular channels of choice include LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. 

What social media do we specialise in?

At Traction we’ve found that for most NZ businesses, the fewer social media platforms the better as this allows the team to invest in quality content rather than being spread managing multiple channels.

The original and still the largest, Facebook is where the world comes together. The overwhelming majority of your customers will be able to be found on the platform, which can be very effective B2C. At Traction we bring deep expertise in Facebook for Business.

The professional social network, LinkedIn has been built for business from the ground up, making it the ideal platform for B2B organisations. With our deep understanding of LinkedIn Campaign Manager, we can help you find and engage with your audience on LinkedIn in a way that generates the best ROI available.

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Advantages of LinkedIn Campaign Manager

LinkedIn Campaign Manager is the platform’s all-in-one advertising tool. The advantages of Campaign Manager include:

  • You can target your audience with professional and industry-specific verticals, to the point where you can get in front of certain companies and even individuals.
  • You have complete control over how much you are willing to pay for engagement.
  • You are offered unique types of advertising, like Sponsored InMail.
  • You can track and nurture individual leads using LinkedIn Lead Accelerator, which follows your highest-value prospects and allows you to deliver specific ads to them.
  • Their remarketing opportunities are improving by the week allowing you to get new messages in front of your prospective buyers.

Advantages of Facebook for Business advertising

Facebook for Business is the platform’s native advertising tool. Advantages of social media marketing with Facebook include:

  • It is the biggest social platform, granting you access to the greatest number of eyes, and allowing you to target ultra-specific demographics.
  • Because almost everyone is on Facebook, it’s useful for both B2C and B2B businesses.
  • It has a wide range of ad formats specific to every stage of the sales funnel, including awareness, consideration and conversion, and allows for retargeting.
  • Deep metrics and insights allow you to constantly measure and tweak your campaign to ensure that it is as effective as possible.
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How do Facebook or LinkedIn marketing packages work?

INITIAL CONSULTATION: We begin with a video conference or face-to-face consultation (depending on your location) to understand your needs and wants.

STATEMENT OF WORKS: We then document your requirements into a statement of works, outlining Traction’s recommendations on a suitable social media marketing package for your business.

AGREE ON A START DATE: When you are happy with the statement of works, a start date is agreed upon.

ONBOARDING: We commence our relationship on that start date, working closely with the key stakeholders of your organisation and their teams. This is when our expert team kicks into action.

REVIEW: We set up a regular briefing session to review results with our unique dashboard, review the major wins and discuss the suggested new initiatives.

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