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Google Performance Max – PMax to its friends – is an AI-powered tool designed to optimise and enhance your campaigns across Google’s ad channels and networks.

But to truly maximise the performance of your Google Ads, you’ll need a deep level of PMax knowledge and expertise. That’s where we come in.

A different approach to digital growth

Data-driven decision making

Data holds the answers to almost any marketing question you care to ask. We crunch the numbers to unlock the power of Google PMax. We reveal where and how to best reach your target audience while talking in a language you understand. We monitor and optimise your campaign to make it more effective over time. We drive awareness, traffic and sales.

Passionate about your success

We don’t see ourselves as just another supplier or service provider. We’re partners in your digital growth: when you succeed, we succeed. We prioritise quality over quantity, to the point that we cap the size of our own team to ensure that we only hire the best, most innovative digital minds who are capable of driving unmatched growth for our clients.

We bring global experience

The majority of the sharp marketing minds on the Traction team have worked beyond NZ borders, for some of the world’s biggest brands. Over time we’ve gained an understanding of the unique realities and regulations of different markets, and the strategies that work best in each. We’ve been the team of choice for dozens of Kiwi businesses who operate globally.

PMax: Be seen across Google and beyond!

Search, Display, Discover, YouTube, Gmail, Maps; these days Google offers your business an overwhelming amount of advertising options. With the help of PMax, we’ll put your name up in lights across all these Google channels to help you reach and convert more customers.


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What is Google pMax?2024-06-12T08:24:08+13:00

Google pMax is an AI-powered tool designed to help advertisers drive better returns across Google properties. It allows you to create a single campaign that targets audiences through multiple channels at once, including Search, YouTube, Display, Discover, Shopping, Gmail and Maps.

At Traction we help you to define your goals for a Google pMax campaign, identify and segment the most relevant audiences, and generate the creative that will be displayed across all the different Google channels.

What are the main benefits of Performance Max?2024-06-12T08:25:28+13:00

Performance Max is the most effective way to maximise your exposure across Google, the world’s largest and most widely used online advertising platform.

The potential exposure is huge. A single pMax campaign can grant you a spot in a user’s Google Search results, in a pre-roll ad before a YouTube video, in their Gmail inbox, and even on third-party sites that form part of the Google Display Network.

Google pMax then uses AI to help you optimise your campaign, channelling your ad investment to the areas that are most likely to generate a return.

What is the minimum spend for Google Performance Max?2024-06-12T08:30:13+13:00

There is no minimum spend for a Google Performance Max campaign – you’re welcome to invest as much or as little as you like.

But in reality, the less you invest, the less likely your campaign is to succeed. That’s more or less true for all forms of advertising, but particularly for pMax, which spreads your investment across a number of Google advertising channels, so a small investment will be spread particularly thin.

Risk should always be considered when you are thinking about a performance max campaign and how this fits in with the rest of your digital strategy. This is because AI has more leverage than what would happen in other types of advertising and this includes the creatives that it creates. We have done extensive testing and have a adopted very different strategies for brands that have maturity in the market as well as by sector and geography a business may be playing in. The combination of marketing channels is also very important in how successful this type of campaign can be. 

Where do Google pMax ads show?2024-06-12T08:31:46+13:00

A Google pMax ad campaign can be shown across all Google properties, including Search, YouTube, Discover, Shopping, Gmail and Maps, as well as the Google Display network, which spans over two million third-party websites, videos and apps.

Should I use Google Performance Max?2024-06-12T08:34:05+13:00

Google Performance Max is a way to maximise your exposure across Google properties. It keeps your brand top of mind as potential customers navigate the web, moving across Google Search, Gmail, Maps, YouTube and more.

But it’s not enough to simply use Google pMax – you need to use it well, as although AI is evolving and improving, it can be far from perfect in the marketing space so the more context you feed into your pMax strategy and the more A/B testing you do, the better your results will be.

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