Our story

What a journey!

At Traction we’ve proudly been helping Kiwi businesses adapt, grow and succeed since 2015. From humble beginnings in a Christchurch co-working space, we’ve navigated challenges and growing pains to become the go-to digital experts for high-growth companies looking to gain global reach.

Here’s our story: where we’ve been, where we are, and where we plan to go.

The story of Traction


The Traction journey began in 2015, though we didn’t start out as ‘Traction’ at all. Founded as Stratigence Ltd, we set out to offer C-suite assistance to Kiwi SMBs in the tech sector who couldn’t otherwise afford it. We formed a virtual, part-time team that offered guidance on all things marketing, tech and HR.

We worked out of a Christchurch co-working space called Salt Works (a big shout-out to MD Leon Mooney!) From there we grew quickly, assembling a team of expert contractors to support us with SEO, SEM, software development, security, graphic design and copywriting.



Just as we were gathering steam, the pandemic said “hold your horses.” Our technology work dried up as software budgets were pulled amid the uncertainty, but our marketing arm continued to grow.

We soon noticed an acute need for data-driven decision making in marketing, and for translating boardroom strategy into digital strategy. Stratigence was rebranded, and Traction Marketing was born. We hired full-time team members. We took out our first lease at EPIC Innovation Hub. Over time we narrowed our focus to the more hardcore, techy, strategic areas of marketing.


The Future

Where does Traction go from here? Our focus is the same as it’s always been: we don’t aim to be the biggest, but we do aim to be the best. Our plan is to stay a small but ultra-high performance team.

We’ll continue to develop our reputation as the go-to experts in strategic thinking, innovation and smashing digital benchmarks. We’ll continue to work with ambitious, courageous leaders looking to take Kiwi companies global. And we’ll continue to help organisations with purpose – those that share our focus on values and culture.

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We’re a little different

The Traction way

At Traction, we succeed when you succeed – it’s as simple as that! We don’t see ourselves as service providers to your business – we’re partners in your business. We are passionate about achieving your goals, because we see them as our own.

We’re driven by results, but we know that the journey is sometimes just as important as the destination, so we always aim to build excitement and engaging discussion along the way. We’re a tight-knit yet diverse team that gets excited about working with cool organisations who share our growth mindset.

As an analytical, strategic and technically gifted team, we’re experts at what we do. We work hard to ensure you understand the whats, whys and hows of your digital strategy. We explain every decision in a way that you’ll understand – we aim for nothing less than total clarity, and to be approachable, accountable and responsive.

“We are passionate about driving meaningful digital growth in cool companies – building the deep, holistic strategies that can be truly game-changing for a business. And if we have some fun along the way, all the better!”

-Jordana Clarke

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