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Want to get noticed online? Google Display Ads are visual ads, such as banners, that are served up on the Google Display Network of 200 million websites and apps, including Google-owned properties like YouTube and Gmail.

Display ads are eye-catching – they get you noticed and they drive more website visitors.

A different approach to digital growth

Data-driven decision making

Data holds the answers to almost any marketing question you care to ask. We crunch the numbers to unlock the power of digital marketing. We reveal where and how to best reach your target audience while talking in a language you understand. We monitor and optimise your campaign to make it more effective over time. We drive awareness, traffic and sales.

Passionate about your success

We don’t see ourselves as just another supplier or service provider. We’re partners in your digital growth: when you succeed, we succeed. We prioritise quality over quantity, to the point that we cap the size of our own team to ensure that we only hire the best, most innovative digital minds who are capable of driving unmatched growth for our clients.

We bring global experience

The majority of the sharp marketing minds on the Traction team have worked beyond NZ borders, for some of the world’s biggest brands. Over time we’ve gained an understanding of the unique realities and regulations of different markets, and the strategies that work best in each. We’ve been the team of choice for dozens of Kiwi businesses who operate globally.

Wondering what your optimal Google portfolio looks like?

Growth-focused leaders understand the importance of getting the right mix of Google platforms in play. We craft a digital strategy that brings together all the elements appropriate for your brand, from YouTube, Discovery, pMax, Display, PPC etc so that you can realise the incredible potential of the Google channel. We’re problem solvers and innovators, and we ensure you reach your full market potential.


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What is Traction’s approach to display ads?2024-05-25T10:20:12+13:00

We start with strategy. Our first step is to understand your display ad goals. What do you hope to achieve with this campaign: increased brand awareness, website visitors, sales? Once we’ve identified the objectives, we develop a display ad strategy that will drive you toward them.

Why is design so important for display ads?2024-05-25T10:21:33+13:00

We refine the design. Google Display Ads are a visual advertising medium, so design is key. We maximise click-through rates by crafting display ads that speak directly to the needs and wants of your target audience, that are clear and enticing, and that jump off the page.

I don’t want my business to turn up on poor performing sites, how do Traction manage this?2024-05-25T10:22:52+13:00

Unlike Google Adwords, which are exclusive to the Google results page, Google Display Ads can turn up almost anywhere across tens of millions of sites. To maximise your bang for buck, we finetune our targeting and precisely control where your ad will be seen.

How can I grow my brands reach using display ads?2024-05-25T10:23:59+13:00

Showcase your brand and offerings across a sprawling network of 200 million sites and apps. Google Display Ads are an incredible way to expand your online footprint and build familiarity and trust by getting in front of your target audience again and again.

What is display advertising?2024-05-25T10:26:17+13:00

Display ads are a visual type of online ad combining text and imagery which can be static, moving or responsive. The first and most well known type of display ad is the banner ad.

How do Google display ads help grow my inbound leads?2024-05-25T10:28:30+13:00

Google is the leading display ad platform, giving your brand the ability to be displayed across the internet on millions of different websites. By developing enticing display ads, and being strategic about where they are displayed and who sees them, you can maximise who sees your brand and how often they see it. We have many insights that demonstrate this increases brand awareness and number of individuals that search out your brand in the coming days and weeks of being exposed to your brand through display.

Is tracking conversions from display ads a reliable measure of success?2024-06-12T08:14:40+13:00

Basic display ad metrics like impressions and clicks offer limited insight into the effectiveness of your display ads. By tracking conversions – the number of people who click through your ad and then take a desired action, such as newsletter subscriptions, resource downloads or sales – you can gain a clearer idea of how your display ad efforts are impacting your business.

How do I get more display ads to show on preferential sites?2024-06-12T08:14:12+13:00

At Traction we’ve developed a process for targeting display ads to maximise the return on your marketing investment. This is multi-layered approach that has been refined with years of A/B testing. It’s a bit of our secret sauce but we can tell you it combines a unique campaign strategy which we couple with some specific targeting criteria. 

Where are display ads shown?2024-06-12T08:13:40+13:00

Display ads are shown across the internet. The Google Display Ad Network, for example, encompasses more than 200 million sites and apps, including Gmail, YouTube and other key Google properties.

Who can you target with display ads?2024-06-12T08:13:15+13:00

The Google Display Network lets you target your display ad campaign to specific audiences, based on things like age, gender, parental status, hobbies and interests, website visitors, converters, topic silo’s, video viewers, influencers and the list goes on. There are numerous ways you can define who you target and how you target your ideal audience. 

How much does display advertising cost?2024-06-12T08:12:50+13:00

Like almost all forms of online advertising, you can invest as much or as little as you want in a display ad campaign. That said, it’s important to recognise that display ads aren’t a cost, but an investment. Committing to an appropriate level of spend, is crucial. If your buyers see your brand too often, they will get annoyed and switch off your ads, if they don’t see them enough, they will never reach out to your business. So minimising any waste on your advertising investment is key. Older principles assessed the psychology of buyer behaviour, which determined seven was the magic number for number of brand impressions before an action was likely. However, today, given the volume of media that people are exposed to, we look to push this towards 20 meaningful impressions over a month and as a result see a positive upturn in brand recognition.

How do you buy display ad space?2024-06-12T08:08:56+13:00

If you’ve got a decent level of technical proficiency you should be able to relatively easily purchase ad space yourself. But creating a campaign and creating a successful campaign can be two very different things, so if you are dealing with a budget of less than $10 a day, there is minimal risk, however, if you are looking to spend more than $50 a day on this channel it maybe worth independent advice to make sure you are setting your business up for success.

Is display advertising effective?2024-06-12T08:11:43+13:00

The visual nature of display ads make them very effective, particularly for remarketing. This is the practice of serving highly targeted ads to people who have previously shown interest in your brand or offerings, like when you continually see ads for a product you were recently browsing. Display ads remind the audience of your brand or product, which can spur them to complete a purchase.

Google Responsive, HTML5 or Static ads: what will give me a better result?2024-06-12T08:12:23+13:00

Google Display Ads come in a few different forms. Static ads are a set size, while responsive/HTML5 ads can change their size to better fit the screen on which they’re displayed. Responsive/HTML5 ads are generally better, although they require a bit more technical skill to create if they are to function correctly. At Traction we can help you set up responsive ads that increase click through rates and conversions.

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