Realise the potential of your brand

Your brand has national potential, but it remains untapped. We can help you change that.

A lot of businesses focus on the barriers to domestic domination: unfamiliarity with new markets, the setup costs, competing against bigger players with bigger budgets.

At Traction we instead focus on the incredible opportunity at hand, and we bring the expertise you need to capitalise on it. We’ll craft a clear digital strategy that outlines how competitive your brand is, your share of voice and how it’s growing by region, and what to expect in terms of sales and leads.

We can guide you on which markets to enter, how and when to enter them, and the needs, wants and whims of your new customers. We’ll also tell you what moves your competitors are making, and how we can outmanoeuvre them.

Our ultimate goal: to get your brand in front of more Kiwis than ever before, and to drive growth at a national scale.


Sectors we specialise in

Professional services


As professional services specialists, with a particular knack for the engineering and tech spaces, we craft clear and effective growth strategies that help you enter a new market or enhance your existing presence.

Our strategies are built to answer the trickiest questions faced by brands with national ambitions: when’s the right time to enter a new market? What are the unique features of that new market? How can we develop a steady and consistent stream of inbound leads?

Hospitality and tourism


We bring deep experience in helping Kiwi hospitality and tourism businesses thrive in a notoriously competitive industry. From restaurants with franchise plans, to hotels looking to attract more visitors, we craft bespoke strategies that clarify goals and put processes in place to achieve them.

We’ll tell you how well known your brand is, and whether you’re losing or gaining share of voice. We’ll help you drive leads and sales, particularly direct bookings that sidestep the sky-high commission fees charged by OTAs. And we’ll tell you the regions to target for maximum results.



You know what you’re doing in terms of bricks and mortar, but you’re also aware of the incredible potential of ecommerce, and you don’t want to miss out. With our help, you won’t.

No matter whether you’re starting from scratch, or you’re looking to optimise your current ecommerce efforts, we’ll help you to spread your digital wings. We can push you up the Google rankings through SEO, use smart strategies to improve your return on ad spend (ROAS), and enhance your conversion rates to turn more website visitors into customers.

Our Grow Domestic Packages


Local starter

Digital marketing, brand building and performance optimisation

  • 1x geography
  • 2x channels
  • Digital dashboard
  • Multivariate testing
  • Dedicated consultant

From $2,950/m

*excludes ad spend


Nationwide growth

Starter plus multi-market aligned to persona strategy

  • Multi NZ location
  • SEO + local SEO
  • 3x channels
  • Conversion rate optimisation

From $5,500/m

*excludes ad spend


Nationwide accelerator

Growth plus market and product assessments to support your expansion strategy

  • Multi-brands or disciplines
  • Up to 5 channels
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Ad hoc CEO advisory

From $7,500/m

*excludes ad spend

*Prices are indicative, and conditions apply. We always customise the service to your business’ unique needs.

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