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Win on the other search engine

Google (quite rightly) gets all the attention. But while no one “Bings it”, Microsoft’s search engine is brimming with potential for advertisers.

You face less competition on Bing, whicBing h means you can get more bang from your marketing buck… especially when you partner with a team of seasoned marketing experts.

A different approach to digital growth

Data-driven decision making

Data holds the answers to almost any marketing question you care to ask. We crunch the numbers to unlock the power of Bing Ads. We reveal where and how to best reach your target audience while talking in a language you understand. We monitor and optimise your campaign to make it more effective over time. We drive awareness, traffic and sales.

Passionate about your success

We don’t see ourselves as just another supplier or service provider. We’re partners in your digital growth: when you succeed, we succeed. We prioritise quality over quantity, to the point that we cap the size of our own team to ensure that we only hire the best, most innovative digital minds who are capable of driving unmatched growth for our clients.

We bring global experience

The majority of the sharp marketing minds on the Traction team have worked beyond NZ borders, for some of the world’s biggest brands. Over time we’ve gained an understanding of the unique realities and regulations of different markets, and the strategies that work best in each. We’ve been the team of choice for dozens of Kiwi businesses who operate globally.

The Microsoft Search Network: Bing and beyond

Microsoft Advertising doesn’t just put your brand up in lights on Bing. You gain a presence across the entire Microsoft Search Network, including searches conducted on Windows, Yahoo, Cortana and Office, Amazon and Apple devices, and thousands of third-party sites.


Our digital dashboards

With great management comes great insights with our bespoke digital dashboards

Your strategic goals mapped to an annual digital work plan

  • KPIs to assist you in making evidence-based decisions
  • Covering market awareness to campaign conversion rates
  • Live dashboard accessible 24/7
  • 20+ pages of rich insights

Our Google Ads experts


How big is Bing in key markets?2024-06-24T15:19:56+13:00

Bing is the world’s second most popular search engine, attracting 1.3 billion unique visitors every month. It also powers more of the world’s most popular search tools, including Yahoo! and DuckDuckGo.

In the US, 23% of people have used Bing, while 27% have used Yahoo! In NZ, Bing is comfortably the second-most popular search engine, ahead of Yahoo!

Are there particular industries or market segments that are more likely to use Bing?2024-06-24T15:20:50+13:00

Bing is a popular advertising option for a number of industries and sectors, including:

  • Retail/ecommerce brands: Lower levels of competition can mean Bing Ads are more cost-effective than Google Ads, making them popular for retail and ecommerce.
  • B2B: Bing lets you target users based on LinkedIn profile data, including job function, industry and company, ideal for B2B brands.
  • Health and finance: Bing’s users skew older, so finance and health brands use it to get in front of this senior demographic.
Is it less expensive to advertise on Bing?2024-06-24T15:21:45+13:00

While estimates vary, most analyses we have done at Traction come to the same conclusion: you pay less to advertise on Bing than you do to advertise on Google. Cost per click (CPC) can be 33% lower – a reflection of the lower levels of competition that you’ll face on Bing vs Google.

How are Bing ads different to Google ads?2024-06-24T15:22:40+13:00

Bing Ads (or more accurately Microsoft Advertising) is the default search engine on Microsoft properties like Windows, the Edge browser and Surface laptops. Older (and generally higher income) individuals are less likely to change the default settings on their devices, so Bing is a great advertising option for anyone chasing the high net worth 45+ year old demographic.

Microsoft Ads lets you target users based on LinkedIn profile data, including job function, industry and company – an exclusive integration that makes Bing particularly valuable for B2B advertisers.

Exclusive partnerships with Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, AOL and certain Amazon and Apple services mean that Microsoft Advertising can get your brand seen far beyond Bing, to places where Google simply doesn’t have a presence.

When should I consider Bing ads over other advertising channels?2024-06-24T15:23:49+13:00

If you are a B2B business, if your target market is older or more affluent, or if you simply want to maximise the online reach of your brand, Bing is a fantastic advertising option. And at Traction we can help you realise the incredible potential of the Microsoft Search Network.

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