Meet Chris

Technical Lead


25 years of tech success

Chris loves a technical challenge: the bigger and hairier, the better. A tenacious, tech-focused problem solver, he feels drawn to the unknown and unconquered.

His career began when the world was (apparently) about to end, helping CPMG successfully navigate Y2K. From there Chris cut his teeth as a software engineer, before growing into management, consultant and C-suite roles, including stints with British Gas, the UK Police and Capgemini.

Chris does his best work when surrounded by people. He now leads our team of consultants to craft omni channel strategies, and prides himself on setting the pace in what might be the world’s fastest moving industry.

A born problem-solver

Chris likes to build things, and would tinker with early PCs as a child. As he grew, this interest became entrepreneurial: his focus turned to building a career and eventually a business of his own.

Chris also loves adventure, as evidenced by a six month exploration of Africa in which he and Jordana lived on $1 a day (rice in stock is surprisingly filling!) It was an experience that only enhanced his problem-solving skills.

Chris has now settled into a more stable life as a husband and doting father of three. But the talent, energy and drive remain, which he channels into Traction.

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