Ecommerce traffic: How our client doubled their growth…

One of our clients was looking to double their eCommerce traffic and this is the story.

The owners of one of New Zealand’s leading interior designers, serving both residential and commercial property, had a vision to expand their business geographically. To ensure that the business fulfilled its potential, Stratigence was tasked with developing brand awareness to create a diverse customer base within new regions and to cement our client’s share of the local market.

Our client’s website was already outperforming their competitors in terms of site visits, but we knew there was huge potential to not only increase the number of visitors, but, more importantly, to also improve the conversion rate leading to increased revenue.

Throughout the year we supported and coached senior staff including the Business Owners and Marketing Coordinator on a range of techniques and activities to boost their inbound lead generation.

The first step in our approach to transforming your business is research. We used a range of sophisticated research techniques, including a comprehensive overview of Google Analytics as well as traditional customer interviews and market assessment, to highlight the areas where our client could deliver real, tangible benefits to their client base, which would cement their position as a market leader.

The findings from this research lay the foundation for the personalised digital marketing strategy we produced to be implemented by the Marketing Coordinator. For this engagement, the five activities that had the biggest impact to increased customer awareness of our client were:

Digital Marketing Plan

We created a coherent digital media plan incorporating all of our client’s social media platforms to distribute our client’s key messages in an effective way to retain contact with current and potential digital customers. We ensured the right level of investment was attributed to each campaign and coordinated the campaigns so that the content and timing of posts would maximise customer engagement. A digital media plan needs to ensure that a client’s marketing team is fully utilising the correct social media channels for their target audience. In some instances this may only be one or two select channels which are particularly relevant for the industry or client base; for this client we incorporated a combination of paid and unpaid platforms, including Facebook, ArchiPro, Instagram and YouTube.

Content Creation

A regular output of original content is vital to differentiating your business from competitors. Listening to your customers’ needs and interests is vital to understanding how you can publish engaging content. When selecting a topic, consider how crowded the market may be for each as this will affect the search engine listing. So, having the right topic that ranks well for a set of search terms is part of the challenge that we can help with. You don’t want to rely on Google Adwords to ensure your content is found, this should be a short-term plan.

Ecommerce Experience

We used VWO software to evaluate what a customer actually did when they came to the client’s website. We monitored this throughout our partnership to suggest improvements that would transform the user experience and encourage repeat custom.


Investing in content that is relevant to your buyer and provides them with tangible value is essential to any SEO plan. The new content we helped our client create was incorporated into the communications plan and sophisticated SEO techniques were utilised to target buyers.

Referral traffic

Referral traffic can be an excellent way of bringing new customers to a site. We initiated a meeting with our client and their supplier to discuss the benefits of referral traffic which led to a number of agreements supporting the relationship and generating a substantial increase in site visits.

Using our personalised strategy and with our support, our client saw the number of visitors to their website double within 12 months which created a steady increase in the number of online enquiries.

About the Author: Jordana Clarke

An independent director and business owner who enjoys adding value to NZ boards and executive teams. She brings more than 20 years experience in export strategy and digital marketing from FTSE100 companies to tech start-ups. Collaborative, principled and intuitive in nature, Jordana embraces evidence-based decision making and will ask the questions that highlight all possible perspectives.

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