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20+ employees


New Zealand

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We created an eCommerce website for Nutrient Rescue’s international buyers and designed their SEO and SEM strategy

Nutrient Rescue is a New Zealand company that aims to fight back against the modern appetite for heavily processed and nutrient-poor food, and the wealth of health problems, from obesity to heart disease, that are rising as a result.

The company seeks out the most nutritious fruits and vegetables from New Zealand farmers, picks them at their peak, then removes the water while preserving as many life-giving nutrients as possible. The result is a nutrient-rich shot that offers a simple and tasty way to get more fruit and veg into your diet.

The brainchild of Michael Mayell, who also founded iconic food brand Cookie Time, Nutrient Rescue has fast become a staple of the pantries of health-conscious Kiwis.

A website for international growth

As this forward-thinking company grew, it needed a more forward-thinking and scalable website, as the current iteration didn’t offer the functionality, style and search engine optimisation (SEO) Nutrient Rescue required.

The tipping point came when the company was ready to expand its sales territory into Australia. As a multinational business, Nutrient Rescue would need a world-class website. Ideally, this globally facing site could then be replicated domestically within New Zealand.

Nutrient Rescue began to develop a checklist of website needs and wants. They desired deep search engine optimisation to ensure they enjoyed a place atop the search engine results page for key terms, they were looking for eCommerce capabilities and the ability to integrate a subscription service, and they knew the importance of a robust backend with intuitive data reporting.

Finally, they understood that this website would form a single (if rather important) spoke in the wheel of digital marketing and were looking for some assistance with channels like Google Ads.

Finding the right website and marketing partner

On top of the website and marketing needs and wants, Nutrient Rescue had a layer of needs and wants from their website and marketing partner. They were looking for a holistic agency who took the time to develop an understanding of the business – its customers, its growth ambitions and its ethos – and that focused on commercial imperatives.

As a Christchurch agency that brought international and export market experience, that could offer a website that would perform for SEO, Google and social media advertising, and that had a super personable and down to earth team, Traction was soon identified as the perfect fit.

Tejada Stark, Nutrient Rescue’s CEO at the time explained…

“Traction took the time to listen, digest and research our business and market to fully understand what we needed and where we wanted to head. Instead of adopting a prescribed approach, Traction responded to our brief comprehensively, offering a fully integrated solution that exceeded our expectations.”

Traction formed a true partnership with Nutrient Rescue. They began with research on the highest performing global wellness brands, looking at the keys to their success. They then designed, developed, built, tested and deployed a website that suited both the functional and stylistic needs of the company. They worked to gain a deep understanding of the target customers, then set up Google Ads campaigns that would talk directly to those individuals.

The fruits (and veg) of a better digital presence

Armed with a website that was more functional, more visible, and that offered up a wealth of data-driven insights for continuous improvement, the fruits of this more holistic approach were significant, and came quickly.

Between an improved customer experience, more search engine marketing sales, and a significantly lower cost for each sale, Traction turned the Nutrient Rescue website from a weakness into a strength – an asset that wouldn’t just support the company’s continued growth, but that would actively drive it.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Traction, said Stark. They are a big part of the success we have enjoyed as a company. I want to thank them for their support and professionalism, and for partnering with us as we have grown and evolved, winning our way into New Zealanders’ hearts and minds.”

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