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Making sales bloom for Panache Flowers

Panache Flowers was established in 1989 when Richard Eden, an award-winning florist who was then the manager of two large Melbourne retailers, decided to go it alone. Panache fast established itself as the city’s go-to florist, and its reputation has only grown in the thirty years since.

Business has changed a lot over those three decades. While the Panache team’s passion, artistry, and client-first approach remain unchanged, the business has had to evolve to meet the demands of an ever more digital world.

A bouquet of desired digital features

Richard and his team felt a new digital approach was required. The Panache website was looking a little tired and lacked the visual pop that a florist’s site needs. The team wanted to modernise the design so that it appealed to a wider variety of buyers, while building a user experience that streamlined the checkout process, while performing better on Google for both SEO and SEM. They also wanted more functionality on the back end, with visions of transforming their website into a full inventory management solution.

They’d identified other potential improvements too. They wanted to explore new ways to take their Google Ads to the next level. They were keen to look at how key metrics like the number of sales and cart size could be increased.

Panache Flowers had already worked with Traction on a couple of Google Ads campaigns, and had been impressed with the quality of the work. There was a natural ease in the way the two companies worked together, which, in concert with Traction’s flexible and data-driven approach, made Panache’s choice of digital partner simple.

Panache signed on with Traction, who soon got to work.

“We felt like they were part of our team from day one, and they gave me total confidence in their ability to deliver. The results show that this confidence was warranted. We would absolutely recommend Traction to any business that has digital goals.”

Enhancing the Panache experience

That work began with a client workshop in which Panache were asked to present examples of websites they really liked, features they hoped to include, and goals they wanted to achieve.

Traction assessed these objectives individually and presented a plan on how each could be met. It soon became obvious that Traction weren’t just being tasked with building a website – they needed to construct a complete online management tool, and a digital strategy to surround it. This work would form an integral part of the Panache Flowers business and would be capable of end-to-end fulfilment, from taking the order through to delivering it.

Having identified the needs, understood the work involved and formulated a plan to achieve it, Traction then proposed a firm timeline, got sign off from Panache, and began the work.

The results were as immediate as they were impressive. In the first week live, the size of the average cart increased by no less than 35% and return on ad spend went up by 60%. When asked how they found the process of working with Traction, Richard Eden from Panache was categorical.

“It was crystal clear – they showed great project planning. We knew what was happening and when it was happening – we were kept in the loop the whole way. Traction were happy to go live outside of business hours, and were ready to provide support whenever we might need it. It was just so easy.”

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