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Update 18/01/2024

Gmail and Yahoo have announced that you will need to authenticate your domain if you send more than 5000 emails a day from any particular email address.  The guide below provides insight into how to authenticate your domain with DMARC, SPF and DKIM.

In the resource below it will show you how to enhance your email communication, email delivery statistics and ensure your messages reach the intended inboxes, boosting your deliverability rates and making the most of Mailchimp’s capabilities.

Accurate email delivery statistics are crucial for the success of your communication efforts by closely monitoring delivery rates, you gain insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns and understanding how many of your emails actually reach your recipients.

Key points to note about Email Delivery Statistics:

  1. Your newsletters will appear ten times more professional when they come from “[email protected]” or even “[email protected]” which is popular with a lot of corporations.
  2. Newsletters should be sent from a real email address (don’t use “[email protected]”) that recipients can actually respond to! After all, the purpose of email marketing is to strengthen a true and genuine relationship with your business’ followers.

The link below will go over how to set up a custom email address from your domain in Mailchimp so you can use it to send out your newsletters. This will strengthen your overall email marketing strategy and will work both with automated and manual Mailchimp campaigns!

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