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A key part of digital marketing, almost every Christchurch business stands to benefit from search engine optimisation (SEO). But very few business owners are experts in SEO, which can make the process of shopping for a provider feel a little overwhelming.

The aim of this guide is to make you choice a little clearer. We’ll look at what to look for in a Chrishtchurch SEO partner, and give you a process to follow when conducting your search.

How do you choose the right Christchurch SEO agency? Read on to find out.

Things to look for in an SEO agency in Christchurch

Your first challenge when shopping Christchurch SEO companies is to know what a good one looks like. Here are a few traits that the best SEO providers share.

SEO services offered

The goal of search engine optimisation is simple enough: get your website ranking as high as possible on Google for relevant searches. But this is no simple feat.

An effective SEO marketing strategy will be deep and far-reaching. It will cover on-page and off-page SEO factors. It will look to optimise both the front-end and the back-end of your website. It will focus on generating content not just for your site, but for the internet at large, and may extend to social media marketing, email marketing and paid ads.

This means that the best SEO agencies in Christchurch won’t just focus on SEO – they’ll offer a complete range of digital marketing services to ensure your entire online presence is optimised.

Reviews and reputation

Reviews (generally) don’t lie. If a company has plenty of five star reviews on Google, it’s as good a sign as any that they’re doing something right. If a company has some reviews from unhappy customers, it’s important to read both the review and the company’s reply, as how a business reacts in this situation can sometimes tell you more about them than any number of five-star reviews.

Christchurch isn’t a huge town, so if you’re looking for a local SEO provider, get in touch with some of their customers to get a sense of what they’re like to work with.

Size and scalability

You want an SEO provider who is happy to work with you. If you’re a small business you want to know that you’ll be a priority for your SEO partner. If you’re a larger business you want to know that the SEO agency is capable of handling your online presence, both now and as it grows into the future.

Have a look at the businesses a provider works with. Some will work with organisations of a specific size, while others will work with a range of different sized companies. If they’ve worked with a similarly-sized company before, consider getting in touch with that organisation to see what the working relationship was like.

Industry expertise

While you’re scoping out their current stable of clients, does the SEO agency work with companies in your industry? Industry expertise can be particularly valuable in SEO, as it gives the SEO provider a better understanding of the potential customers you’re targeting, the search behaviours of those customers, and the content and keywords that will resonate with them.

Value for money

The final and in some ways most important factor to consider is value for money; but when shopping for a digital marketing agency you shouldn’t be asking ‘who is the cheapest?’ – you should instead be asking ‘who will generate the greatest ROI?’

SEO is a long-term investment. It takes time and money to work your way up the search engine rankings and generate brand awareness and sales. And, like most important investments, the more you put in, the more you get out.

It’s wise to ask a potential SEO partner for customer case studies – an example, complete with hard numbers, of a brand, product or service that they have pushed up the Google search results.

How to choose the right SEO agency in Christchurch in 4 steps

Now that you know what to look for in a NZ SEO agency, how do you go about choosing one? The process can be summarised in four steps.

1. Do your homework

Start by collecting up a few SEO partner options. Ask family, friends or your professional network if they have any suggestions on who to work with. Jump on Google or Google Maps and search terms like SEO ChristchurchSEO in Christchurch or SEO agency Christchurch.

Once you have a list of options, narrow it down using the considerations listed above: compare SEO services, ratings and reviews, size and scalability, industry alignment and value to find a handful that appear to be the best fit.

2. Reach out

Get in touch with the SEO agencies that seem to best align with your needs. Ask them deeper questions about their services, suitability, expertise and price. Ask for references so that you can speak to other businesses who are already capitalising on their services.

3. Choose the best fit

At this point you should have all the information you need to make an informed decision. Go with the SEO partner who seems best placed to deliver on your needs while being able to work within your budget. Remember that SEO success is only possible when both your business and the SEO provider treat the relationship as a partnership – in this way it’s important to pick a digital marketing company that communicates promptly and clearly, who understands your goals and who sees your success as their own.

4. Set goals and ensure accountability

The best SEO partners will work to gain a deep understanding of your business, including what you hope to get from your SEO investment, before they get to work. The most successful SEO partnerships feature clear goals to aim for, clear steps to get there, and KPIs that ensure accountability for the progress.

You should enjoy regular updates on how your SEO investment is tracking. This is usually in the form of a monthly  report that tracks changes in key KPIs like Google ranking, website traffic, conversions and more.

Remember that you’ll also need to be accountable, as most SEO strategies demand some form of input from your side too. The best SEO partners will clearly outline your responsibilities and regularly remind you of the things you need to do.

Traction: your Christchurch digital marketing agency

The importance of SEO is clear when you look at the numbers. 87% of people begin their search for products and services online. Google holds a search engine market share of well over 90%, and three-quarters of its users never scroll past the first page. This all means that ranking high on Google for relevant keywords can grant your business access to a huge audience.

At Traction our Christchurch SEO experts are ready to help your business capitalise on the endless potential of Google. We’ve spent years helping Christchurch businesses enhance their online presence, not only through search engines, but also through web developmentsocial mediaadvertising and other digital marketing channels.

We have a deep passion for helping other Christchurch businesses succeed, so no matter your organisation, industry, product or service, if you’re looking to develop an SEO strategy that works, our Christchurch team is here to help. Get in touch today.

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