GymMaster Case Study



Team Size

50+ employees


New Zealand
United States

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Growing GymMaster in new global markets

Treshna Enterprises is a New Zealand software house and has an outstanding SaaS solution (GymMaster) that has been adopted by health clubs all over the world. They are currently one of the market leaders for club management software in small to medium sized fitness centres all over the world. When we got involved they were in their infancy and looking at whether there was an opportunity to scale the software solution beyond NZ or if staying local was the way to go. So, we stepped in with a virtual Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to take stock of the landscape, future potential and where they should play, how they should play and who their ideal buyers were. We then worked with them for three years supporting their move into Australia, feeding into the future product direction, developing the sales strategy and customer experience as well as negotiating more lucrative API partnerships.

It was then time for GymMaster to thrive and that they did in many more markets than we could have imagined. We have since been more involved in developing and implementing their global SEO strategy to ensure they continue to rank in the top three positions in their key markets whilst also keeping their competition on their toes.

“Traction helped me understand my customer base and where to focus our sales and marketing effort. It gave us a strong understanding of both our position in the market and who our ideal buyer persona’s were.” Dru Hill, CEO

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