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Facebook Ads done right

The original social network, and still the most popular, Facebook grants you access to 3 billion users, and lets you precisely target those most interested in what you offer.

Armed with deep expertise in Facebook marketing, at Traction we can help you develop truly impactful Facebook campaigns, and hone in on the audiences that will convert.

A different approach to digital growth

Data-driven decision making

Data holds the answers to almost any marketing question you care to ask. We crunch the numbers to unlock the power of Facebook Ads. We reveal where and how to best reach your target audience while talking in a language you understand. We monitor and optimise your campaign to make it more effective over time. We drive awareness, traffic and sales.

Passionate about your success

We don’t see ourselves as just another supplier or service provider. We’re partners in your digital growth: when you succeed, we succeed. We prioritise quality over quantity, to the point that we cap the size of our own team to ensure that we only hire the best, most innovative digital minds who are capable of driving unmatched growth for our clients.

We bring global experience

The majority of the sharp marketing minds on the Traction team have worked beyond NZ borders, for some of the world’s biggest brands. Over time we’ve gained an understanding of the unique realities and regulations of different markets, and the strategies that work best in each. We’ve been the team of choice for dozens of Kiwi businesses who operate globally.

Find your audience on Facebook

3 billion humans use Facebook every month, and the platform understands its users better than almost any other. This represents an incredible opportunity for your brand, as you can target ultra-precise audiences. You just need the right approach. That’s where we come in.


Our digital dashboards

With great management comes great insights with our bespoke digital dashboards

Your strategic goals mapped to an annual digital work plan

  • KPIs to assist you in making evidence-based decisions
  • Covering market awareness to campaign conversion rates
  • Live dashboard accessible 24/7
  • 20+ pages of rich insights

Our social media experts


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