About Jordana Clarke

An independent director and business owner who enjoys adding value to NZ boards and executive teams. She brings more than 20 years experience in export strategy and digital marketing from FTSE100 companies to tech start-ups. Collaborative, principled and intuitive in nature, Jordana embraces evidence-based decision making and will ask the questions that highlight all possible perspectives.

7 Questions to Separate the Best Digital Marketing Agencies from the Rest

Selecting a professional service provider is always a catch 22. A lack of knowledge means you need help. This lack of knowledge also means you’re not sure who is best placed to provide it. Digital marketing is a prime example. Every organisation needs it, but few understand it, and [...]

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Digital Marketing Trends: Five Game-Changers in 2020

While it’s an industry known for rapid shifts, not even the wisest of prophets could have guessed just how much digital marketing would change in 2020. It’s been a tough and torrid year, but also an incredibly exciting one, as clever people continue to solve challenging problems. Today we’ll be [...]

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Ecommerce traffic: How our client doubled their growth…

One of our clients was looking to double their eCommerce traffic and this is the story. The owners of one of New Zealand’s leading interior designers, serving both residential and commercial property, had a vision to expand their business geographically. To ensure that the business fulfilled its potential, Stratigence [...]

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Why a CMO will transform your business?

An interesting statistic: 97% of businesses in New Zealand employ less than 20 employees[1]. This suggests that our business owners are still relying on permanent staff to fulfil operational requirements rather than exploring other options such as how a part-time Chief Marketing Officer can provide the insight and expertise to [...]

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