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As you may be aware, our digital marketing practice has continued to grow beyond our expectations. In fact, it’s now a larger part of the Stratigence brand than we ever planned… to the point where we now feel that it deserves its own focus, its own brand, and its own website.

Gaining Traction


Welcome to Traction Marketing – the newest arm of the Stratigence brand, and one focused solely on digital marketing. Given the growing reliance of Kiwi businesses on digital channels, we feel as though separating Traction from Stratigence will give us a greater ability to focus on the distinct needs of our marketing customers. It also gives our dedicated digital team their own identity, putting a new and exciting name to the same friendly faces, which we feel will make us more accessible too!

From an operational standpoint, you can rest assured that we aren’t moving away from what has seen us grow so quickly over the last five years. We continue to believe that superb strategy relies on an evidence-based approach, with all our digital services founded in deep research and thorough analytics.

Traction offers a complete suite of services, delivered by a skilled and experienced team:

  • Search engine optimisation
  • Search engine advertising
  • Social campaigns
  • Content creation
  • Website optimisation
  • Market research

Our reason for being remains the same: we’re committed to making Kiwi companies great, and the nature of our work continues to be strategic. The companies we work with are often in the tech, export and engineering sectors, and more often than not have global outlooks. 

It’s been an exciting journey over the last five and a half years, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds as our team continues to develop.

Also… we’re moving! (But not far!)

Many of you know that we have been part of the Saltworks community for many years now, and we’ve enjoyed every second. With growth comes the need for more space though, so the time has come for use to shed our Saltworks skin for something more comfortable.

We are fortunate to have been offered a place at EPIC Innovation Centre, which is just a two minute stroll from our existing premises (across the road from C1 and Little High.) If you’re in the area we’d love to see your smiling face, so why not pop in and say hi?

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